libertarian dating



The reality of quarantine forces us to reconsider the attitude not only to traditional face-to-face dating, but also to familiar ways of dating online. In addition, all frames are erased on the Internet, but filters are created. You can find a pair as  libertarian dating  or other groups. How is the Virtual Dating industry changing under the influence of new living conditions?

Modern man is used to living in a world where no one prescribes to him what and how to do in everyday life. At any given time, we have plenty of possibilities, and we tend to consider it a normal course of things. "My main postulate is that in the modern world everyone behaves like liberals, even if they consider themselves conservatives or socialists, or anyone else.

Because for us, it is of fundamental value to be able to do what we want. Most often, this is manifested at the economic level, for example, how to manage your money.

When quarantine was already dictating its rules to us, the dating app Tinder launched a new option aimed at communicating with those with whom territorial proximity no longer connects us. This fundamentally changed the previous concept of finding a person who is not far from you to see him offline as soon as possible.

Pervasive quarantine makes us reconsider dating ideas online. Even recently, before deciding on the first meeting, we were ready to exchange with a potential candidate mainly only text messages and carefully selected photos. Few people decided to call a person and arrange a video chat until the moment of real acquaintance. We all dealt with people who like to hide the bragging behind the mask of self-criticism. For example, a girl who "jokes" that she is a nerd, with the sole purpose of boasting about her intelligence. Or a guy who laughs at his strict diet so that everyone finds out how healthy a lifestyle he leads.

It seems to these people that self-humiliation perfectly masks boasting, but everyone around you sees it perfectly. Such boasting is even more annoying, because in an attempt to draw attention to himself, a person also tries to deceive the interlocutors. Don't let that happen in your conversation.